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Private Client

We have many years combined experience in offering sympathetic and helpful advice to families for a range of matters including – 


Everyone should have a Will providing for the eventual sharing of their estate and to avoid or reduce any delays, disagreements and cost on bereavement if there is no Will to guide the family.  A Will does not need to be complex but does need to appoint Executors, whose duty is to recover the estate and deal with it in terms of the deceased’s wishes, and of course beneficiaries whether they be family, charities or otherwise.  We will happily discuss your requirements, let you have draft document for consideration and then arrange for the final Will to be signed – normally we then retain the original in our safe and supply you with a copy to retain with your other personal documents. 

Power of Attorney

We recommend that all our clients have a Power of Attorney.  This is a document appointing one or more people to deal with financial or health related matters when they arise in the event of the granter becoming unable to deal with them personally.  There are two types of Power of Attorney – “Continuing” and “Welfare” but they can (and usually are) combined into one document which is then registered with the Office of the Public Guardian and can be used by the appointed Attorney/Attorneys as necessary thereafter.  Again we are happy to advise on your requirements and to prepare and register the document as appropriate. 


In the event of a person becoming unable to look after their own affairs and not having a Power of Attorney in place, it can be necessary to appoint a Guardian to deal with financial or health/social work requirements for that person.  This is a fairly lengthy process involving application to the Sheriff Court and can involve significant costs.  We have considerable experience in dealing with these and can advise on what is required and arrange for the necessary application forms and procedures to be followed when necessary.