We advise all our clients to have Wills, and to regularly review and update these as necessary.  Even in the simplest Estates, the absence of a Will leads to increased cost and delay, and of course stress and uncertainty, for your family.  A well prepared and up to date Will can ensure that your wishes are carried out promptly and any worry and uncertainty removed from your family and the beneficiaries.

We can advise on all aspects of preparation and updating of your Will, taking account of any special arrangements which would be required for children, elderly or incapacitated relatives or of course bequests to Local or National charitable organisations.  We will advise on possible Inheritance Tax implications (in some situations we will recommend specialised accounting advice) and assist with emergency Tax planning where appropriate.  We will also store your Will in our Strong-room (without charge) and be happy to review the terms of your Will at regular intervals.


We are very conscious that on bereavement, the primary wish of the family beneficiaries is that an estate be wound up as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We pride ourselves on dealing with Estates of various sizes promptly and efficiently and in keeping beneficiaries regularly advised as to progress and of any complications or issues which might have arisen.

Power of Attorney

As people are living longer, we are advising all our clients to consider making Powers of Attorney which would appoint a person of your choice to look after your financial business and take over your welfare in the event of temporary or permanent incapacity,  A Power of Attorney can be a critical and vital document, enabling your family to ensure you are looked after without having to involve a lengthy and expensive application to the Sheriff Court which will always be required if the person is unable to give instructions on their own account.

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