Employment Law is changing all of the time and presents significant challenges for both employer and their employees. Ken Glass is a recognised expert in Employment Law and has worked in this field of Law for over 30 years. Ken offers practical advice and experience to help clients through difficulties encountered in this area, always seeking to have disputes resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

For Employees: Ken can advise in relation to all employment issues arising in the workplace. His experience covers all aspects of unfair dismissal, discrimination law, redundancy and employment rights and he frequently advises in relation to Settlement Agreements and also workplace disputes.

For Employers: Ken regularly advises in relation to staff contracts and terms & conditions and also internal procedures regarding discipline and grievance. A health check of existing terms & condition and other workplace documentation can be provided at an agreed rate to ensure that these are up to date and met the business’ requirements. Ken is happy to advise on all issues arising within the workplace with a view to reaching an economic and practical settlement and where appropriate avoiding lengthy and expensive Employment Tribunals.

Ken has been involved in a number of significant Employment tribunals, has also appeared before the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Edinburgh and has also dealt with Sheriff Court Litigation relating to employment matters.


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